Small Size.


Big Security.


AVS has partnered with Check Point to bring the best Next Generation FireWall (NGFW) to our clients.


Protect small business with enterprise-leading security.


*NGFW protection against viruses, spam, dangerous applications and malicious websites.  Protection that stops the threat before it reaches your computers.


*The Check Point 600 Appliance simplifies achieving strong protection for an SMB organization.
Easy setup—Plug it in, follow a simple set-up wizard and start putting protection in place.
Enterprise grade security—The security technology that protects large organizations is used in the 600 Appliance.

*Out of the box protection—Policies are included that deliver protection immediately, adjustments can be made to tailor policies for your business.
*Secure Wireless Access – Businesses can run their LAN plus have guest access set up
*Securely access your network remotely — Connect from any wireless device remotely through VPN

Automatic firmware updates
Remote Management of device
User-focused Security Reports
Cloud-based log management
AVS SMB Managed Security Services

Do you lack the expertise or time to manage a security solution?
Don't rely on your end users to be the last line of defense for your company data.
AVS & Check Point offers a managed security service that will oversee the ongoing operation of a 600 Appliance. AVS security experts will manage security, allowing a business to focus on growing the business at a very low monthly cost.

The Managed Security Service offers a simple, all-in-one solution with easy setup:
- Ongoing management through the cloud by Check Point security experts
- Continuous automatic security updates and upgrades
- 24x7 customer support by Check Point’s award-winning support team
- Security reports on demand or as requested
-The 620 list price starts at $399 that includes firewall and VPN.

Download the CheckPoint 600 datasheet here .

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